Does Social Media affect you?

How does social media affect your social life? I know many people try to be nonchalant about the affect it has on them, that they don’t stare and scroll endlessly at their Facebook news feed. What is lying underneath the surface? Has looking through your significant others messages ruined your relationship? Have you totally ignored your friends while out because you were liking pictures on Instagram?

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My BCM210 group of Suzanne, Bronte, William and I thought that this top would be especially interesting as we would be surveying students in Gen Y, the tech generation, and this would be incredibly relevant for our age group. The 10 questions we have chosen are as follows:

1. Age 15-18  19-25  26-30  31-35  36+
2. Are you Male/Female/Other?
3. How many of these social media platforms are you active (please tick) Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest
4. How many hours a day do you spend on Social Media? 0-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 10+
5. If you are in a relationship, do you present that online? (Facebook status or other means) Y/N
6. How many Facebook friends do you have? 0-200 201-400 401-600 601-800 801-1000 1001+
7. Do you prefer to text someone or speak to them face to face? Text/F2F
8. Are you texter or a caller or neither? Text/Call/NA
9. What information do you allow the public to see? Please answer below.                                                     10.
Do you think your time online affects your friend/relationships negatively or positively? Please answer below.

These Interview questions are open and close ended and have been adapted from our survey questions for Assignment 2. I interviewed 20 students for this survey and five participated in a focus group. The results proved that the majority of respondents are of Gen Y, as predicted, and that 82% of the people that answered keep their information private to their friends only. It was interesting to see that the participants who had more than 600 friends spent more than 5 hours on Social Media Platforms a day. The minority of participants over 31 were mostly, 93%, more obliged to call than text and 64% More inclined to speak face to face than through text, opposing the younger age groups answers.

(Image: youngupstarts)

I think it will be very interesting to see the responses to our group’s survey and if they differ from this interview style of questioning. I believe that no matter how much you use Social Media, if you use it- it will affect the way you interact socially and furthermore, your social life, whether it’s beneficial or detrimental.


6 thoughts on “Does Social Media affect you?

  1. Very interesting post! I’m one of those people constantly scrolling, it’s almost like a daily routine. Instead of the mroning paperi t’s now the morning facebook scroll. Very interesting on the way people kepe their information on private, i wonder if it’s any different between genders though?

  2. Really interesting question you have chosen. I believe its definitely in the back of a lot of peoples minds. I can totally relate to that situation when your out with friends and they’re more interested in their phones than what is in front of them. I try to make a point of being present with someone.

    I believe that question 8 of you survey could be altered a little to add some more information. Maybe which do you do more of, or add the option of selecting “both”.

    Solid work though, I’m interested in your final results.

  3. Its so crazy how much social media has affected everyone, especially younger people. To what you could do with your day instead of spending 5 hours on social media is insane, and I’m guilty of always being on my phone! It is true about the calling and texting. I have noticed this when I’m with my family or older friends at work or something, that they prefer to call who they want to speak to, whereas I find it so much easier to send a text. Probably because i sound so awkward during phone calls. But this was a really interesting blog post. Good luck with your research assignment 🙂

  4. In answer to your question ‘What information do you allow the public to see?’, I recently undertook a personal mission to optimise my media usage to boost my happiness. Rubin (2007) states the third step of happiness is to share it with others, and thus I took to social media and my blog to express my happiness via photos and positive content. I found myself confirming research that states individuals post content that reflects what makes them happy (Bhattacharjee & Mogilner 2013 p. 7). A second theory showed that those who perceived a long life ahead of them posted extraordinary experiences, while those who were older perceived ordinary, everyday experiences to bring happiness. I present to the public the best, I post the happiest version of myself with the most positive and extraordinary experiences.

  5. This is such an accurate post about how we it affects us all. Im like those Gen Y people and always like to keep my profile private cause you never really know what is out there. As a child growing up in Australia the exposure that we have had to social media from a young age has really affected all of us even if we don’t know it yet.
    Stick us in the desert or a forest with no technology and we would be lost. Although it is great, i do believe we need to learn how to deal with out it in order to live a more rounded life. This is a pressing issue though Caytlyn and hopefully with time we can all tone down on on social media and look around a bit more. Nice work Caitlyn

  6. Cool blog. We are doing a similar topic for our assignment so it’s interesting to see what kind of results you’ve gotten. I for one, find myself scrolling through social media constantly!

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