Does ‘The Notebook’ have unrealistic expectations of love?


For my second text analysis, I will be critiquing The Notebook and whether the movie’s expectations of love and whether they are actually realistic. I mean, who writes a letter to someone everyday for a year? That’s crazy. First thing is how the characters Allie and Noah met, Noah walks up to Allie and says that he is drawn to her. Weird.

I'm drawn to you

To me the movie is not unrealistic but very optimistic about the genre of love and finding your soul mate on the street. Hollywood has power over the Australian Film Industry and about 98% of our movies are sourced from the US because of this. Hollywood has this power that can influence us immensely with films such as The Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song etc. This influence can alter young teen and adult’s views on relationships and love in general, and often this can be very detrimental. The concept of ‘soul mates,’ that is only one person especially made for you sets the audience up for a lot of disappointment and heartache. The impact romantic comedies have on society is heart-crushing, especially for young women, and adds to the want for a fairy-tale husband and love story of your own. There is even an article by POPSUGAR on how much The Notebook creates a standard for relationships that leads to disappointment.

I do believe that The Notebook is a beautiful movie, and yes I did bawl my eyes out, as anyone would. This movie and romantic genre definitely leads to a longing for the perfect guy, perfect house, the perfect love story. Let’s get real, Ryan Gosling isn’t going to kiss us in the rain and the hope that he (or someone similar) is, can be very detrimental for viewers and especially the target market of young teens.


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One thought on “Does ‘The Notebook’ have unrealistic expectations of love?

  1. Hey heycaity, You bring up some good points on how much Hollywood shapes our perception of different emotions but one thing I noticed about The Notebook is its target audience being generally older than early teens. Being a movie that. In my opinion, is targeted towards 30 year old women, maybe the ideals aren’t towards realistic depictions of love but instead focuses on ideal reminiscing of past love and nostalgia.

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