My First Time Online

Hi everyone! I’m Caitlyn and welcome to my series of (hopefully) fortunate blog posts.

As a 7 year old I was introduced to the world wide web and ultimately the media world in a small apartment in Singapore. The online world was overwhelming and I soon became an avid player of Neopets, joining many chat forums and signing up as many friends as I could. I was homeschooled at the time, which took up four hours each day and the rest of my time was devoted to my neopet Kacheek. I then fell in love with the fashion world of Stardolls, the ultimate dress up game for any girl and later with Moshi Monsters, Club Penguin and many other sites.

These online interactions in my early life kindled a love for Media and created a positive connotation with online media and it’s many platforms. The power of being in media space and mass media doesn’t scare me, but often surprises. Practicing within this electronic setting became a safe haven for me, and still is a place I feel very comfortable. I enjoy the connections that digital technology can make and the convenience of it all. I could live without being present in the digital media space, but of course I enjoy it so much I wouldn’t want to go without.


One thought on “My First Time Online

  1. I’m really curious to know more about how those early games worked beyond your apartment. Did you know other people, friends from school etc. who were using the same platforms? My older daughter and all her friends hopped on Facebook together when they were about 10. But my younger daughter was a Moshi Monsters/Club Penguin user, and there she mostly encountered random strangers. The world expands in different ways in these two cases.

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