Why Personal Experience Matters in Media

Collaborative Ethnography is important as a narrative research on culture, for students to use this tool creates a better understanding of culture. Ethnography refers to the study of different cultures and people, which could and should be used when measuring the media audience by commercial corporations.

A summary on Ethnography Research

Collaborative, as you probably know, means more than one source working together to reach a goal that is mutually beneficial in the best case scenario (a win-win).

(Image via survivorsucks.com)

Commercial Research strongly favours charts and graphs when reporting it’s viewership (quantitative research), as can be seen in the Australian Multi-Screen Report by OZTAM. But do these numbers really grasp the full picture of viewership? What about qualitative research?

(Image via YouTube)

Ethnographic Audience Research could be a great alternative to simple data collection, as it allows for personal experiences to be a part of this data. Asking more about a viewer’s personal experience with media means a better reading on their engagement and enjoyment, and a better comprehension of the relationship. This could be easily done by interviewing consumers on their personal relationship with television, and media, much like the Interviews we conducted last week. This could also be done by collecting subjects for a focus group to ask questions about their own individual stories. Individual stories of media space experience could be a game-changer for commercial researchers.

Ellen Isaacs TEDx talk on Ethnography (Start at 5:10)

In the first video linked above, the caption states that “As markets become more complex and competitive, brands are looking for more in-depth insights about consumers, their environments and interactions, which can be difficult to capture using traditional market research tools.” Collaborative Ethnography “is a fantastic tool to use when there is no other practical way to understand what respondents are going through.” and this is exactly what we should be taking advantage of in our research.


One thought on “Why Personal Experience Matters in Media

  1. Nice post! It got me thinking on this subject and I can’t help but imagine that collaborative ethnography research would be more consuming of time & money than the traditional research methods currently employed so frequently by commercial research entities. Perhaps this could be a reason as to why collaborative ethnographic research is not employed so much?

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