Locative Social Media

For my final Digital Research Project and reflective report, I will be focusing on the topic of locative Social Media and sharing location with locative Social Media. This project will focus on how checking in “affects users’ experience of place” and demonstrate “a deep understanding of place as a meaningful existential locale.” (Evans, 2015)

I am going to attempt to interview someone who regularly updates their location status or “checks in” on Facebook. I am still uncertain on which platform to display my project on, these choices include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Which platform do you think I should use for my digital story?
Below are some links I found useful to this topic.

1. Tech Crunch- Stop trying to make proximity- based social networking happen
2. CRN- 8 Cool location- based social networks
3. On the Urbanism of allocative Media
4. Geomobile web: Locative tech and mobile media
6. The convergence of locative media and online participatory culture
7. Locative Social Media by Leighton Evans



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