Love Wins! But Not for Australia

This case study focuses on the American Love Wins Campaign of June 2015 and the subsequent effects of this legislative campaign on Australia. The Love Wins or #LoveWins campaign describes the movement of Same Sex marriage becoming legal in The United States of America. The US historically joined the number of countries that allow same-sex marriage on June the 26th, 2015. #LoveWins became a viral hashtag online, and a way for people to share their happiness and support as well as a way to create awareness amongst their own and other countries.

While America has enacted this law for over a year now, Australia still remains undecided towards marriage equality legislation. Prior to the federal election in Australia in July 2016, ‘Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised to allow a nationwide vote on marriage equality’ (plebiscite) (HRC 2016).

According to, on the 10th of August, 2016, The state of Tasmania and ACT have shown their support towards same sex marriage legislation. The ACT’s Legislative Assembly called for the planned plebiscite on the issue to be axed and the matter to be voted on in Parliament instead. Despite the Australian Capital Territory’s and Tasmania’s votes, marriage equality is no closer and can only be legislated by MPs in Canberra regardless of any future plebiscite (2016).

It is parliament’s responsibility and within parliament’s power to legislate on marriage. The plebiscite will therefore be an unnecessary and costly vote, with potentially damaging consequences for many Australians. It has, nevertheless, been promised. The plebiscite is unnecessary and it may well prove divisive, according to The Conversation (2016).


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