Constructive Criticism Welcome

“Posting or exchanging selfies is often dismissed as frivolous and self-absorbed, but the relationship between subjectivity, practice and social use of those images seems to be more complex than this dismissal allows.” (Tiidenberg and Go ́mez Cruz)

On the web platform, Reddit, many individuals discuss and share on different topics and issues. As i’m sure you’re aware, there are many self portraits or “selfies” that frequent the pages of many subreddits. These posts are often accompanied by the phrase CCW or ‘Constructive Criticism Welcome’, the most popular being the American subreddit MakeupAddiction. A common post has this format (credit: redditor sugar_sphinx) and asks other redditors to assess their makeup skills or how well they have achieved a certain look or trend, to which other users comment on ways they can improve or things they could do without.


(credit: someecards)

At what point does this element of Image bleed into our understanding of Identity?

Perhaps people post on these subreddits to receive praise and self-gratification and for their post to be upvoted, gaining Reddit Karma (reflecting how much good the user has done for the reddit community). Or maybe users just genuinely would like to improve and are seeking the knowledge to better improve their look, change how they are seen in other’s eyes, and benefit from the use of this web platform. Honestly, I think it varies depending on who is posting.

I find that reddit has helped to improve my life in a few aspects. Since joining the platform 2 years ago, I am now more actively informed on makeup and skincare routine, rules and guideline to follow, and constantly learn from the mistakes of uninformed others. I feel this has not entirely altered my Identity, but has just made me a more knowledgable redditor and person in real life (offline). Thus, I find that my online behaviour somewhat impacts my offline behaviour, and I find myself referring to and referring my friends to online posts and discussions on Reddit.


(credit: rage comics)

Subreddits such as Change My View also challenge individuals perceptions on certain issues and topics. I feel that overall, the platform of Reddit can slowly change your views on many important issues and inform you for the better. I feel that this platform can alter an individuals’ Identity, although the extent of this is determined solely by each individual. Some take rules and guidelines as their holy grails, following them strictly, and many users refer to how Reddit has completely changed every aspect of their life since they were first active on the site.